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Surveys designed to better understand everyone’s stress-free pass time and to understand the outdoor community.

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Find out what kind of camper you are today and see which of the seven types you most align with based on your experiences and preferences.

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About Camper Surveys

Designed with campers in mind.

With the ever-growing number of campers and the need to get outside, the outdoor community has become even more diverse and complex. At camper surveys, we seek to find out more about our community and bring context to changes that have happened in recent years, as well as the overall trends in the outdoors.

In association with Cairn Consulting Group, Camper Surveys was created to implement data gathering with a focus on the outdoor industry to host, conduct, and collect data on the outdoor industry.

Our goal is to shine a light on the hidden figures that make up our diverse, global community to better understand how people engage with the outdoors.

Surveys designed with campers in mind.

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